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The Washington Redskins have been a very historic franchise since the early days of the league. They began in Boston and were named the Braves until they settled down in Grifith stadium after a few moves by the franchise, led by owner, George Preston Marshall.

The owner and founder decided not to play their first championship game in 1936 after poor support from the fans of that city, so after a failed attempt and loss to the Giants with no home field advantage to help at that time.

The Redskins moved to D.C. and relied on slinging Sammy Baugh, a forward passing quarterback from Texas Christian who led the team for 15 years and two NFL championships in 1937 and 1942. Baugh was coached by Ray Flaherty, who finished his coaching career with a .701 win percentage, which is the highest in franchise history.

Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium was formed in 1961 and since 1968 the Washington Redskins have boasted the longest running string of sell out games of any era of play in the national football league.

The Washington Redskins were the first team to have a marching band, fight song, and the first to use radio and television media to host its games for the public.

Great accomplishments for the Redskins in football history with great players including, besides Baugh, players who are hall of famers such as Cliff Battles, Bill Dudley, Albert Edwards, Darrel Green Russ Grimm, Ken Houston, Sam Huff, Art Monk, Sonny Jurgensen, Wayne Millner, Bobby Mitchell, Charley Taylor, Chris Hanburger, and John Riggins. Their coaches also include hall of famers George Allen, Flaherty, and Joe Gibbs.

In the 80's under Joe Gibbs, the Redskins had a chance for gaining a dynasty. Their quarterback Joe Theisman was knocked out of a game, never to return during the 1987 season. The Redskins still won the Super Bowl under Doug Williams, the first african american quarterback to win a super bowl. Some believe the Washington Redskins could have won more super bowls but other great teams of that decade were touch to overcome without a great and long lasting quarterback in the hands.

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