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Posted by admin on February 24, 2018

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Ricardo about his life with the Washington Redskins:

During the last twenty years there have been some good times and some bad times but I have always been proud to call myself a fan of the Washington Redskins.

During my time as a Redskins fan I have seen great players come and go. The most notable which immediately springs to mind is Darrell Green. Green was an outstanding Cornerback who set the NFL alight for a record breaking 20 seasons with one franchise. He managed 54 interceptions during his career which is a franchise record.

Watching the great Bruce Smith in the early 2000's also springs to mind when I think of great moments. He is one of the most outstanding defensive players I have ever seen and it was a pleasure to see him pull on a Redskins jersey. Perhaps more important than either of these players during my time as a Redskins fan is legendary head coach Joe Gibbs who is an icon to the Redskins. He coached the Redskins in two separate stints from 1981-1992 and returned after an absence of 11 years to coach from 2004 - 2007. He won the Super Bowl three times with the Redskins. That is impressive enough but when you consider that he did it with three different Quarterbacks it is an even more impressive feat.

Add the three division championships and the NFC title game to the mix and you can begin to understand why he is considered to be the most successful Redskins coach ever and is a worthy addition to the Hall of Fame.

Things have not always been great in my time as a Redskins fan, there have been downs as well as many ups but I would not change them for any team in the NFL. There is no one else quite like the Redskins and they will always be my team.

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