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There are many quarterbacks of all time but in recent years there haven't been many that have reached this glory. One of the best without a doubt is Payton Manning. Payton Manning had a great beginning with the University of Tennessee. He was one of the best for the team. He was all-time leading scoring quaterback for the team in passing with 11,201 yards. Manning also shaddered the SEC record with 39 wins out of 45 games. Late on in 1998, he was chosen in round one for the Indianapolis Colts. He was leading in the passing fields of the game. He threw for an impressive 3,700 + yards. He won many awards on this early beginning. He has gone on to win many other awards such as MVP numerous of times. Payton also has done a lot of charitable causes such as helping with hurricane victims. He has a passing rating of 94 percent of which is the NFL all-time best.

Another great player of the Indianapolis Colts is Marvin Harrison. He was drafted by the Colts in 1996. He was one the leading wide receiving yards with over 14,000 plus yard in the time that he had spent with them. He begun much earlier than than with Syracuse University. He had an impressive record of little over half of his catches caught. Along with Manning, Harrison has won many awards, such as recieiver of the year, and Champion of the Superbowl in 2007. He was eventually he was released from the Colts in 2009 where retired with the NFL. Harrison has also done a lot of work with charity and Make-A-Wish.

Now that Manning and Harrison are the best of the best for the Colts of the 2000's, Harrison has enjoyed his retirement with his family in Pennsylvania. Manning is still the current quarterback for the Colts but has sustaind a injury in his neck. With this injury, it has forced him to the sidelines. He will make a come back later this year.

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