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The original Cleveland Rams began to play in 1937 as one of the oldest teams of the league. In 1944 they recorded a first winning season and a championship win with a 15-14 victory over the Washinton Redskins. They were led by their quarterback Bob Waterfeild from UCLA.

The Rams boast coutless Hall of famers who have helped to change their game. Some of those early players who did just that were Elroy (Crazylegs) Hirsch, Tom Fears, Tom Mack, Dan Reeves, and Norm Van Brocklin.

By 1946 they made their move to Los Angeles. The Rams played a finess type of football with Waterfeild and Van Brocklin throwing bombs to Hirsch and Fears, making them a champion in 1951 as well. They had a total of 4 western division championships.

The Rams had an NFL record attendence of 102,368 at a game in 1957 verses the San Franscisco 49ers. These rivals were the two western teams that were high flying in their style and changed the forward pass, stetching defenses who played them.

In 1955 they held another championship crown with a rookie quarterback, Sid Gillman at the helm.

After that time came more losing seasons as they struggled to make playoffs in the west. But in 1967 they were getting back to winning way as George Allen had taken over the coaching, a Hall of Fame Coach. Allen's five year record was 49-19-4. That is the best ever in Rams' history. Allen had the help of a great defensive line with Hall of Famers Merline Olsen and Deacon Jones.

The Rams in the 80's made the playoffs consistently and had Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson who ran to an NFL record in yards by a rookie.

The St. Louis Rams finally got the super bowl in 1999 and had a cinderella season under Dick Vermeil in the new Dome built for them. They had Curt Warner as the league's MVP and Hall of Fame runner and receiver Marshall Falk to get them to that title.

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