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Many Jets' fans may be surprised to learn that their favorite team was originally known as the Titans of New York. The team was formed in 1959 and was an original member of the AFL (American Football League). The Jets hang on to that name until 1963 when they became known by their present name. The next year, the New York Jets shifted from the Polo Grounds to the Shea Stadium after being at the Polo Grounds since 1960. The franchise later joined the National Football League after the merger of the NFL and the AFL.

The New York Jets became the first AFL team to defeat an NFL team in an AFL-NFL World Championship Game in 1969 when they defeated the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. In the first AFL meeting in 1959, Harry Weismer was granted the charter for the Titans after declaring that New York was ripe for 1 more football team.

The New York Jets had a docile rivalry with the New England Patriots until 1966 when the Jets removed the Patriots from playoff contention with a 38-28 defeat at the Shea Stadium. The Patriots, returned the favor in 1985 when they bet the Jets 26-14 in the wildcard round on their way to a Super Bowl XX appearance.

Joe Namath was signed by the Jets from Alabama where he was a senior in 1964. He was the AFL Rookie of the Year in 1965 and he became the first professional quarterback to pass more than 4000 yards in one season when he threw 4007 yards in 1967.

The New York Jets' call New York's MetLife Stadium home. They co-own the stadium with the New York Giants in a 50/50 partnership.

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