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The Baltimore Ravens are a football that brings excitement and enthusiasm to each and every game. The franchise began in 1995 when the Cleveland Browns owner decided to move them to Maryland. The owner gave the fans the choice to vote on what the team should be named and gave them a sense of ownership through naming their team instead of a corporate executive assigning one. The Ravens had to share a stadium for two years but eventually theirs was finished and it is now known as M&T Bank stadium. It has grown exponentially from there. It seems there is no limit to the thrill of watching them play.

Their single best season was in 2000 when they went all the way and won the Super Bowl. Marvin Lewis led the defense in what most people claimed mostly resembled the old Iron curtain of the Pittsburg Steelers. It was the stingiest defense seen since that dynasty declined. Ray Lewis, Sam Adams and Rod Woodson led the defense to a league leading points against average and was the main reason for their success. Trent Dilfer went on to lead his team to the big game despite being second string at the start of the season. Brian Billick the head coach made the excellent call going with Trent and Jamal Lewis a rookie despite either of them having sustained success in the NFL.

Still riding high the next season after winning the Super Bowl the team fell short with the injury of Jamal Lewis on the very first play. Also the decision to start Elvis Grback as the quarterback was a mistake. The team has remained a contender ever since the win at the Super Bowl they have never truly attained the glory of the 2000 season. If you have been watching the draft ever since you can come to the conclusion, that the ravens are on the right course to recreating the chemistry and intensity that is needed to achieve another Super Bowl victory.

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