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The extraordinary goals of Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton

Cam Newton – quarterback of the Carolina Panthers –┬áis not only known for his top class goals, he is also known for his perfect body language on the field. The rookie season of Cam Newton was fairly impressive and it could have got no better for a quarterback. Newton once told Silver that his goals are too good for any person’s expectation. He also said that it is impossible for a person to increase his expectations more than himself. Work ethic of Newton made him one of a kind. Even his teammates were very skillful, but his appreciable attitude separated him from the rest.

Media has always been after Cam Newton’s capabilities. They had almost slaughtered Newton for the same reason. Other people had seen it as a negative but afterwards it was considered to be positive when everyone realized that he had a urge to win the games. To be very frank, he used to play for his team more than he used to play it for himself. Ryan Kalil, the center player claimed that Newton loves his team more than himself and he is always ready to give his hundred percent for the team. This attitude is very much contagious and inspiring for the whole team.

Ron Rivera considers himself to be very lucky to train a team that has players like Cam Newton. He is totally cool with Newton’s attitude on the field because he knew that it was very important for his team’s improvement. Newton expects wonders in Carolina. This is a big boost for everyone including the officials and his teammates. He has been lately found gossiping about his extraordinary goals. As long as Cam Newton is concerned, the bar is always set in a higher standard. He expects to score more extraordinary goals and wants to keep his team always at the top.

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