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The Baltimore Ravens and Bryant McKinnie reach a road block

The Baltimore Ravens and their left tackle veteran, Bryant McKinnie, have had some problems lately. As it is often the case, money was the main cause of all trouble in paradise. While attemting to restructure his base salary for this year, the Ravens went a bit too far. Or a bit too low judging by the words of one of their best players, football veteran Bryant McKinnie.

When asked about negotiation progress, McKinnie said there is a distinct possibility of him being released from the squad, which would leave a talented left tackle available for new contracts and Ravens in a need of a new one. He texted some of the biggest sports sites and newspapers saying there is no way the deal can be reached and that he’s pretty sure he will be released by the end of the day. Apparently, it was all written in the heat of the moment, because a few moments later he texted back saying that it’s not over yet.

When it seemed like the negotiations peaked and it might be all over soon, they dragged on throughout the day and the solution is still hanging in the air.

The main problem arose when Ravens decided to cut down McKinnie’s earnings, which are set to $3.2 million this season. It is believed that he’s ready for a “significant” cut, but just not as much as they want. All hope is not yet lost, as the deal is still in progress, and, although it seemed unlikely at first, the agreement might still be reached. The resolution is expected within the next few days.

On the other hand, if the Baltimore Ravens really do let him go, there are other teams, such as the New York Jets, San Diego Chargers, Arizona Cardinals or even the Chicago Bears, that will surely be interested.

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