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Philadelphia Eagles, Rodgers-Cromartie Fined $21,000 For Fault Hit

Philadelphia Eagles Dominique Rodgers Cromartie was fined by the NFL a record $21,000 for a foul hit on Byron Leftwich during a match which the Eagles won twenty four against twnety three . The Eagles won the match but their victory was a little dampened by the NFL fine on their star conerback after hitting Leftwich on the fifteen yard. Rodgers was flagged for hitting Leftwich on the neck and head. The fine was higher than the fines for the last season where the highest fine was $ 20,000. The increase in fines according to the NFL was due to the changes necessitated by the collective agreements which increased fines by about five percentage for anyoffense in every new league. The labor agreement states that each subsequent season after the agreement there will be a minimum of five percentage increase on every penalty for each subsequent season. This was according to Article 46 of the bargaining agreement which had been effected after consultation between different players and actors in the NFL.

Rodger Cromartie who is the Philadephia cornerback was fined for hitting the Pittsburg Steelers quarterback on the head and neck during the match causing Byron Leftwich serious injurious. According to Rodger Cromartie the decision was very harsh because the tackle was legal and he did not see the need for such hefty fines for minor offenses. But according to N F L spokesman the decision to fine Rodgers was partly driven by the desire to ensure that each player took the safety of others seriously and to deter such offenses in the future. The record fine was to act as a deterrence to others. The news of Rodgers Cromartie of Philadelphia Eagles was contained in different news online sites such as the NFL news and even posted on the NFL official website.

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