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Philadelphia Eagles Lineup versus Cleveland Browns on Friday

The Philadelphia Eagles might be shaking things up a bit with the latest news out of their locker room. They have decided to start King Dunlap again; it was confirmed by the Philly’s coach Andy Reid, when the team goes to the Cleveland Browns on Friday the left tackle will be starting for a second time in a row.

The decisions by the coaches come as a surprise, in their efforts in replacing the injured Jason Peters, they signed Demetress Bell with a guaranteed 3.25 million in free agency. The Eagles tagged him as a sure started and were willing to make an offer to secure him on their roster.

In training camp however King Dunlap outplayed Demetress Bell and that has been the cause of the unexpected change in the starting line-up. The consideration for starting King Dunlap instead of signing a new starter was due mainly to the performance of Dunlap over his last three seasons at Philly.

Eagle’s fans have been frustrated with the performance of Dunlap and this decision is expected to produce negative reactions from them. Dunlap has only started seven games in his previous seasons with this Philly team and for the first time it is a possibility that he will be considered as first team material.

Though the improvement of a long time team player is not something to be disappointed about, the disappointment comes in with Demetress Bell’s contract. Along with his guaranteed 3.25 he is promised an additional 8.5 million roster bonus is 2013. An ideal payment for a left tackle in the starting line-up but if Dunlap continues to outplay him, it would be a heavy sum for the Philly team to pay a second team player.

With the questionable health of Michael Vick and how it may affect the Eagle’s season, they are looking to put their best team forward for a fighting chance at the playoffs.

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