Maurice Jones-Drew is returning to the Jacksonville Jaguars after all

The running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Maurice Jones-Drew, has decided to return to his respective state after all. After thirty-eight days of negations, Jones-Drew decided to keep his old contract. He decided on Sunday he will be returning to the National Football League (NFL) on his previous contract.

The Jaguars have been getting ready to play their first game next Sunday against Minnesota Vikings. The game will be held at the Minnesota Vikings’s home stadium called the Mall of America Field at Hubert H. Humphery Metro dome. The new Vikings stadium has not been built yet.

Jones-Drew has reported to the Jaguars training camp and he says he will be ready to return to the field for the game against the Vikings. The football player has stated he will not gain anything new by returning to the team.

He has admitted his hold out was because of money as both sides could not agree on a contract. Jones-Drew has also stated nobody can win or lose based on the contract.

Since the contract issues have been resolved, he’s ready to start playing football again. He won the 2011 rushing title with a total of 1,605 yards and he is a three-time Pro Bowler as well.

Jones-Drew, twenty-seven, wanted to be one of the best-paid running backs in the NFL by changing the terms of the last two years of his five-year contract.

Due to the holdout, Jones-Drew and football owner, Shad Khan, were having trouble seeing eye to eye on this topic. With the start of football season coming quickly, Khan stated Jones-Drew needs to get on the bandwagon or move on.

Both Jones-Drew and Khan wanted to end the holdout and come up with a deal. Khan recognized the team is a better franchise with Khan and is happy he will be staying for the 2012 season.

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Philadelphia Eagles Lineup versus Cleveland Browns on Friday

The Philadelphia Eagles might be shaking things up a bit with the latest news out of their locker room. They have decided to start King Dunlap again; it was confirmed by the Philly’s coach Andy Reid, when the team goes to the Cleveland Browns on Friday the left tackle will be starting for a second time in a row.

The decisions by the coaches come as a surprise, in their efforts in replacing the injured Jason Peters, they signed Demetress Bell with a guaranteed 3.25 million in free agency. The Eagles tagged him as a sure started and were willing to make an offer to secure him on their roster.

In training camp however King Dunlap outplayed Demetress Bell and that has been the cause of the unexpected change in the starting line-up. The consideration for starting King Dunlap instead of signing a new starter was due mainly to the performance of Dunlap over his last three seasons at Philly.

Eagle’s fans have been frustrated with the performance of Dunlap and this decision is expected to produce negative reactions from them. Dunlap has only started seven games in his previous seasons with this Philly team and for the first time it is a possibility that he will be considered as first team material.

Though the improvement of a long time team player is not something to be disappointed about, the disappointment comes in with Demetress Bell’s contract. Along with his guaranteed 3.25 he is promised an additional 8.5 million roster bonus is 2013. An ideal payment for a left tackle in the starting line-up but if Dunlap continues to outplay him, it would be a heavy sum for the Philly team to pay a second team player.

With the questionable health of Michael Vick and how it may affect the Eagle’s season, they are looking to put their best team forward for a fighting chance at the playoffs.

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Philadelphia Eagles, Rodgers-Cromartie Fined $21,000 For Fault Hit

Philadelphia Eagles Dominique Rodgers Cromartie was fined by the NFL a record $21,000 for a foul hit on Byron Leftwich during a match which the Eagles won twenty four against twnety three . The Eagles won the match but their victory was a little dampened by the NFL fine on their star conerback after hitting Leftwich on the fifteen yard. Rodgers was flagged for hitting Leftwich on the neck and head. The fine was higher than the fines for the last season where the highest fine was $ 20,000. The increase in fines according to the NFL was due to the changes necessitated by the collective agreements which increased fines by about five percentage for anyoffense in every new league. The labor agreement states that each subsequent season after the agreement there will be a minimum of five percentage increase on every penalty for each subsequent season. This was according to Article 46 of the bargaining agreement which had been effected after consultation between different players and actors in the NFL.

Rodger Cromartie who is the Philadephia cornerback was fined for hitting the Pittsburg Steelers quarterback on the head and neck during the match causing Byron Leftwich serious injurious. According to Rodger Cromartie the decision was very harsh because the tackle was legal and he did not see the need for such hefty fines for minor offenses. But according to N F L spokesman the decision to fine Rodgers was partly driven by the desire to ensure that each player took the safety of others seriously and to deter such offenses in the future. The record fine was to act as a deterrence to others. The news of Rodgers Cromartie of Philadelphia Eagles was contained in different news online sites such as the NFL news and even posted on the NFL official website.

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Denver Broncos wins over Chicago bears with Peyton Manning debut appearance

Peyton Manning is back and brought Denver Broncos into a 31-3 win over Chicago Bears. The 4-time MVP player has made his comeback appearance after his two years of rest due to neck injury and weakened arm. His last and tearful appearance in NFL pro league was back in 2010 with Indianapolis Colts.

Bronco’s head Coach John Fox was surprise by the first performance of Manning and is optimistic that Manning will deliver better performance on the next game at Pittsburg. Manning worked so hard on his first drive even if it was “broken up” by Chicago’s midfielder Geno Hayes and Lance Briggs.

During the game, Manning has shown the NFL fans that he still one of the best player when he nearly have a goal. In the last 10 yards, Manning found Eric Decker and with a little subdued from the Bears defense, Decker made it to 14 yards. The second touchdown puts the ball at 12 but on the third down, Brandon Stokley made a mistake and deflected the pass while Major Wright was so fast and dives the ball. Manning was “picked off” but it does not stop the Broncos from winning.

Brandon Stokley says Manning has never changed and that he still got great throws and good offense control. He just hopes that things get better and build more confidence and teamwork as their game progresses. Stokley was with Manning in the Indiapolis Colts way back in 2010.

For obvious reason, it was a good start for Manning who has been gone for quite some time. We will be seeing more actions on him as he continues to show great skills on the field. He is definitely back, and Coach John Fox says,” It was a very good first outing of Manning”. Denver Broncos is optimistic that with Peyton Manning on their team, they will be one of the NFL team to watch this season.

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Hall Of Fame Game – Saints vs. Cardinals

The New Orleans Saints had an adventurous match against the Arizona Cardinals last weekend. Brees created a tremendous history leading the New Orleans Saints to a victory of 17-10. This makes this weekend a real fun for the team. Mark Ingram scored the first possession on a one yard run.

The game was not perfect by all means. The reserves were not that much neat and orderly and the officials also had some bad moments. This game was cancelled last year due to the sudden death of the National Football League’s leading player. Labor issues were also there in Sunday’s game. There were seven official replacements also.

The referee didn’t announce the correct toss result. First he announced that New Orleans Saints won the toss then he realized and said that cardinals won the toss actually. There were other communication mistakes also. Among the cardinals, Kolb started the game but he had to leave due to bruising of his ribs. Kold had to be replaced with Skelton. Skelton then came and completed 4 of 6 for 32 yards and went 5-2 as a starting player of the game. There were few rough moments between the fill-in officials of the game.

When New Orleans scored their first possession, several players waved the officials depicting that they had reported for the play. They got 2 minutes warning session during the first half. The referee announced that the previous play has to be reviewed but then he corrected himself.

This weekend becomes especially great for the Saints whose off season was spoiled by the scandal. There will be a dinner for the players on Friday night. Then players got a tour to the hall on Saturday that will be a pride moment for them. The New Orleans Saints made their 5th appearance in the Hall of Fame, while it was the 4th for theArizona Cardinals.

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