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John about his favorite player of the New York Rangers:

Mark Messier was the face of the Rangers and it was in 1993 where things started to change. The franchise continued to suffer until Messier finally came in to save the team. The Rangers were always my favorite team but they would often have a tough time trying to get into the playoffs. This however started to change once Messier was in the spotlight.

It was the 1994 season and he was able to lead the team to the Eastern Conference Finals. They were down 3-2 and Messier guaranteed the media that the Rangers were going to win game 6. Though some fans and analysts were spectacle, Messier ended up completing a natural hat trick and it was one of the most entertaining games to watch. His prediction came true and woke the entire city up. This helped the Rangers comeback from a two-goal deficit and the Rangers went on to win the series in seven games.

He then led the team to the Stanley Cup Finals and was able to even score the winning goal. This was the team's first Stanley Cup in over 50 years and he then became the very first player to be the captain of two different teams that won the Stanley Cup.

Messier was remembered to be the most excited when they won and the city went crazy. There are countless pictures of this moment and a lot of them are now classics for the fans and the organization. They then gave MEssier the nickname "Mr. June" as he was able to lead the team to the championship during that month.

Most Rangers fans will admit that Messier was the main reason why they were able to witness one of th most exciting moments in New York sports history. Messier will go down as one of the best to ever play the sport of hockey.

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