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Hall Of Fame Game – Saints vs. Cardinals

The New Orleans Saints had an adventurous match against the Arizona Cardinals last weekend. Brees created a tremendous history leading the New Orleans Saints to a victory of 17-10. This makes this weekend a real fun for the team. Mark Ingram scored the first possession on a one yard run.

The game was not perfect by all means. The reserves were not that much neat and orderly and the officials also had some bad moments. This game was cancelled last year due to the sudden death of the National Football League’s leading player. Labor issues were also there in Sunday’s game. There were seven official replacements also.

The referee didn’t announce the correct toss result. First he announced that New Orleans Saints won the toss then he realized and said that cardinals won the toss actually. There were other communication mistakes also. Among the cardinals, Kolb started the game but he had to leave due to bruising of his ribs. Kold had to be replaced with Skelton. Skelton then came and completed 4 of 6 for 32 yards and went 5-2 as a starting player of the game. There were few rough moments between the fill-in officials of the game.

When New Orleans scored their first possession, several players waved the officials depicting that they had reported for the play. They got 2 minutes warning session during the first half. The referee announced that the previous play has to be reviewed but then he corrected himself.

This weekend becomes especially great for the Saints whose off season was spoiled by the scandal. There will be a dinner for the players on Friday night. Then players got a tour to the hall on Saturday that will be a pride moment for them. The New Orleans Saints made their 5th appearance in the Hall of Fame, while it was the 4th for theArizona Cardinals.

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