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Posted by admin on February 24, 2018

Don't miss your chance to watch the next game of the Tennessee Titans live online. Or any of the other games this season. It will be fun and very exciting to watch football games online, no matter the results.

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Edward about the Tennessee Titans:

Based in Nashville, Tennessee the Tennessee Titans are a professional American football team. Previously they were known as the Houston Oilers but they later changed their name and became Tennessee Titans. In my opinion, the Titans are the best team in the NFL and this is shown in their team spirit and the camaraderie which they share. They have amazing pool of talented receivers in form of Kenny Britt, Justin Gage and now recently joined Damian Williams. They make a formidable team force. They are well backed with Jared Cook and Craig Sevens. They all make a highest scoring offense in the NFL. Defense section is too strong to penetrate with all young bloods craving to make their niche.

Recently the Tennessee Titans parted ways with their longest termed coach, Jeff Fisher for 16 full seasons and hired Mike Munchak as their 16th Head Coach. Mike was once a former player of the team and is now assisting in grooming the team. This year after the loss to the colts, Tennessee Titans decided to trade Young for the best interest of the team. Even it was thought that Coach Jeff would return for his 18th session but it proved to be a rumor. In the final draft of 2011 NFL Draft the Titans as there 8th pick took Jake Locker. This was a good move from the Titans but they had to go through a setback when Kerry Collins who was a 15 year veteran in the team retired in July 2011.

There was couple of crests and troughs but the team as an overall gained more momentum and force. Barring an incident of Chris Johnson not showing up before the summer camp due to contract negotiations, everything worked out well for the Tennessee Titans. Even in couple of defeats which Titans had it was seen as a match closely lost and with a more fiery approach could have made them won the match.

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