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Posted by admin on February 21, 2018

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George about the San Francisco 49ers:

When I was born in 1989, the San Francisco 49ers were in the middle of what many will call one of the best dynasties in NFL history. I was born and raised in San Francisco and I have been able to grow up during the days of Jerry Rice and Steve Young and there really was nothing like waking up every Sunday morning to see my favorite team play at Candlestick park. One of the best things about the 49ers organization is that the fans have always been there no matter how well the team did. I was lucky enough to watch a majority of their games in the 1990's and even into the 2000's.

Last season, the 49ers played their 65th season and I was really excited to see how much the team has improved. The team has been struggling for quite some time now and I was just like every other optimistic 49er fan, hoping that they would win the NFC west. This was Mike Singletary's second season and when the Niners lost their first 5 games, it was hard for 49er fans to stay optimistic. After winning their first game against the cross town rivals Oakland Raiders, the Niners were able to string off a few wins to still have a decent 6-10 record. The best game of the season came in the last game as they beat NFC west rivals the Arizona Cardinals. The Niners ended up in 3rd place in the division and missed the playoffs once again. Though the team did not make it to the playoffs, they still showed great persistence and Niner fans are definitely excited for what the 2011 season has to offer. Though the San Francisco 49ers are by no means a championship contending team in 2011, they definitely will still be one of the favorites to win the recently weak NFC West.

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