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Posted by admin on February 24, 2018

Don't miss your chance to watch the next game of the Philadelphia Eagles live online. Or any of the other games this season. It will be fun and very exciting to watch football games online, no matter the results.

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Marcus about the Philadelphia Eagles:

I have been watching the Eagles play for quite some time now and I am very proud to say that I have been a fan for almost 10 years. Watching the Eagles play always made my Sundays so much more exciting and by the time I was able to watch games at the stadium, I knew that I would be a fan for life. Though last season was not as great as fans expected, it is certainly still a great year for us fans. The Eagles are arguably one of the most liked teams in the league though some might disagree.

The 2010 season for the Eagles certainly had their ups and downs but it was definitely a season that many people did not expect. When Donovan McNabb left, many were wondering how Mike Vick would do when he takes over. After serving his time in jail, he was surprisingly doing very well at the quarterback position. Vick surprised many people in the league and certainly made more fans believe that they can be a team to reckon with in the East. Though the season ended with a 10-5 record, one win less than the year before, many Eagles fans believe that they can do well.

Another big reason the Eagles did well was because of Desean Jackson as the Vick Jackson duo was certainly one of the best in the NFC. After Westbrook left, the Eagles fans were definitely curious as to how this revamped team will do in the league. Surprisingly the team made it to the plays in the NFC wild card and faced the Green Bay Packers. Though they lost 21-16, the league certainly realized that the team is not going anywhere and that the Philadelphia Eagles are a team to be looking at once the 2012 Super Bowl comes around next year.

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