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Posted by admin on February 21, 2018

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Gary about the Miami Dolphins:

As one of the biggest Dolphins fans around, I can honestly say that there really is no other sports franchise out there like the Dolphins. Though the Miami Dolphins are not necessarily "America's Team" like the Patriots in football or the Yankees in baseball, I believe that the Dolphins have a big enough fan base to really make some noise in the league. I have been following the team for quite some time now and I have been able to watch games at the Sun Life Stadium if I am ever in town to watch. Though last season was not how Tony Sparano expected it to be like, it was still a fairly enjoyable season.

The Miami Dolphins certainly showed some potential in the preseason as they won their first two games but then fell short in the last two to end up with a decent 2-2 record. The season then started and with two straight wins right off the bat, I was certainly very excited to see how this season would play out. Once the team started to play better teams though, losses started to pile up and by the halfway mark the Dolphins were then 4-4. With the New England Patriots in the same division, it is often very hard to grab a playoff berth with a mediocre record. Anything less than 10 wins will most likely not get a playoff berth in the competitive AFC east.

The Dolphins ended their season with a 7-9 record and though the season was not very successful, the team was still able to have a few players have great seasons. Jake Long, Cameron Wake, Randy Starks and John Denney were selected to be a part of the Pro Bowl and that certainly was a great way for Miami fans to still enjoy even towards the end of the season.

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