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Posted by admin on February 21, 2018

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Chris about the Kansas City Chiefs:

The Kansas City Chiefs are certainly one of the most exciting teams in the league but that just might be because I have been a fan for quite some time. The thing about the Chiefs is that they tend to really always put up a fight even though the final season record does not really show success. The 2010 season was fairly different though and a lot of Chiefs fans were very excited to see the organization succeed in the AFC. Though the Chiefs have one of the smaller fan bases in the league, I believe that us fans are some of the most dedicated.

The 10-6 record that the Chiefs boasted last year was certainly a success in the organization's eyes. As the team added Charlie Weis as the offensive coordinator, he surely helped the team become more organized and of course score more. After the Chiefs defeated the Chargers in the first game of the season, they certainly had a good start in the AFC west. The division rivals have always been fighting for that top coveted spot and finally the Chiefs had them beat. After beating the Browns and the 49ers, the Chiefs saw themselves at 3-0 and Kansas City was certainly excited.

After a few losses started to string to together and ultimately losing to the Raiders in the final game of the season, they ended up with a decent 10-6 record and they then found themselves in the AFC Wild Card game against the Baltimore Ravens. They lost that game 30-7 and definitely left a sour taste in the organization's mouth. Though the team did not look at the season as a complete failure, they could not help but look at their last game. Hopefully next year will be different as they learn how to handle the best teams in the AFC much better.

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