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Posted by admin on April 17, 2014

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Marco about the Denver Broncos:

Growing up in Denver as a big fan of football was definitely a pleasure as I was able to watch John Elway change the sport completely. I have been a big Denver Broncos fan ever since the 90's and certainly love to watch games at the Invesco Field. Growing up watching the Broncos certainly helped me appreciate the league so much more and inspired me to even play football in high school. Now that I am a sports broadcaster for my college, I can certainly thank the Broncos for sparking my interest for football and of course for the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos certainly did not have a good season as they ended up firing Josh Mcdaniels as head coach when he led them to a 3-9 record while he was the head coach. The Broncos however drafted Tim Tebow at the Quarterback position who certainly has a great future with the Broncos. Right when the preseason started, it was already a sign that team was simply not ready to compete at the highest level possible. They lost 3 of their 4 preseason games and eventually carried over to the first game of the season. They then got their first win against the Seahawks at home but it certainly was not going to turn the season around as they continued to string together losses that eventually gave them a 4-12 record.

The Broncos ended up in last place in the AFC west as they were 4 games behind the Oakland raiders. Tim Tebow however was able to gain a lot of experience and he is certainly the Quarterback that the Broncos need in the future. The team was able to send Brandon Lloyd and Champ Bailey to the Pro Bowl and they certainly were represented well in the Pro Bowl. The 2011 season will hopefully be a lot better compared to last season.

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