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Posted by admin on February 21, 2018

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Derrick about the Dallas Cowboys:

I went to my first Cowboys game when I was 10 years old. That was 1964 Folks! 8 months after I saw The Beatles on TV I was in the Cottonbowl seeing my first NFL Game. It was against my favorite team the NY Giants led by my favorite player Y.A. Tittle #14. I became a Cowboys fan that day. I got to see the beginnings of Dallas becoming one of the NFL's best teams. I would see 3 games in the Cottonbowl before moving from the DFW area in 1966. My most memorable one was a win over Bart Starr and the World Champion Green Bay Packers. Even though it was preseason we still Beat The Pack! I would follow my Cowboys on TV thru my teen years. The 2 NFL championships versus The Packers, the "cliffhanger" in Dallas and "The IceBowl". I watched the Super Bowl Loss to the Colts on a FG and the total domination of the Dolphins in their first SB Victory. I of course saw the agonizing losses to the "Steelers" in the 70s while I was in the AF. I went to Texas Stadium to see Clint Longley come off the Bench and beat "The Hated" Redskins on Thanksgiving.

When Coach Landry was fired I stood behind the Cowboys during the long losing years. Because I knew it would pay off in the future. I knew things were going to get better in the 90's. I got to see a UCLA QB Named Aikman beat Michigan in the Bluebonnet Bowl and rejoiced when My Boys were rewarded for ending up with the worst record in the NFL by drafting him #1. I watched the DreamTeam of the Triplets and Doomsday II win 3 Superbowls in 5 years. I was able to see Emmitt become the all time Rushing Leader of the NFL and the "end of an Era" when Aikman and many of the others retired.

Now it has been 16 years since the Boys won the NFL Title, but I am still a "Diehard" Cowboys Fan. The names are different, its Now Romo, running the offense. We don't have an Emmitt, but Tashard, Felix and Demarco aren't doing too bad. DDay 3 is led by a New "Generation" Demarcus and company. It was a tough season last year losing Tony but Jon Kitna and Stephen Mcgee got us through the season. We saw Myles Austin come alive and Jason Witten continue to be one of the NFLs best. Best of all we made the playoffs after not being there the last few seasons. Of course we kinda laid an egg against the Seahawks, but all in all it was a good season. The Defense is one of the best.

Not having your star QB can Hurt (see Indianapolis Colts) and we had some problems in the O Line with Age getting the best of the line. This year we are having our ups and uowns, we are hot and cold, up and down. However, no matter how this season ends, I am a "Cowboy" Fan... PERIOD!! I have followed the "BlueStar" since I was 10 thru 0 win seasons and 5 Super Bowl wins and 3 SB Losses. I have been a fan since Coach Landry built the team into champions and the 3 SBs n 5 seasons. The growing years under coaches Galley, Parcells, Phillips and now Garrett who by the way was a Cowboy QB in the "LeanYears". I guess I am set in my ways, besides I'm too old to change. So I am a Dallas Cowboy Fan... Nuff Said!

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