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Posted by admin on February 24, 2018

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Sally about the Carolina Panthers:

The 2010 football season was a long, horrid year for those who, like me, are Panthers fans. Let's face it, when you get the top pick in the next draft, you know you didn't do so well. However, I watched every game, and I cheered as loud as I would have if they were on the top of their game. Sure, by the end of the season I was discouraged.

As a fan, I had been disappointed week in and week out. I watched in horror as Moore, Clausen, and even St. Pierre threw the football into the hands of the wrong team 21 times. Monday's were spent with the sports page, reading the words of Coach Fox as he berated the team which he led. It was saddening, maddening and downright depressing, but I watched. Why, you may ask? Why did I keep watching?

Because I love the Panthers. After moving to North Carolina in 1998 to get married, I decided to watch a couple of games with my new husband, not because I liked football, but because I wanted to be nice. He cheered for Carolina, so I did too. In time, I began to remember the names of the players. I even found myself looking forward to the games. The Carolina Panthers did something that no other team has ever done--they made me like football!

They became my team; I became their fan! As the 2010 season came to an end with only 2 wins, I felt for my team. I felt their discouragement, but I was not disheartened. Somehow I knew that Carolina would come back. A bad season or two would not keep them down. It was sad to see some of the players like John Kasay move on, but I knew the team would emerge stronger. More than that, I knew that I would be a fan no matter what happened. Carolina is my team, and I am no fair weather fan!

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