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Posted by admin on February 21, 2018

Don't miss your chance to watch the next game of the Buffalo Bills live online. Or any of the other games this season. It will be fun and very exciting to watch football games online, no matter the results.

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Earl about the Buffalo Bills:

I can't stop saying to myself Go Bills! Go Bills! Even when I am alone and my team is not playing. I am obsessed with the Buffalo Bill that I have never missed their matches for the last 11 years. The team just like any other has its own misfortunate, but what trills me more is that their record is not like any other team. In recent times, we may not have won any American Football League titles since the great days of 1964 and 1965, but the determination of our boys is nothing to disappoint any of its funs. That is why even when they are not playing I cannot stop to say Go Bills! Go Bills!

Let face this fact, we have a history to be proud off. History that we are proud to tell to every person who seems to oppose us, not because we live in that history, but it shows the potential that our team Buffalo Bill has. Last season the title missed us and that does not mean that next season we will be the underdogs. If any of the opponent teams is reading this, then they should prepare for the fiercest battle ever, a battle of a determined team that is thirsty of winning a title. The Bills never let the misfortune of the past determine their tomorrow. We are expecting good signing to boost our team. The small changes is what we need and we will indeed restore the glorious days of 1964 and 1965 when we won American Football League titles. The team will once again be the team that the nation will be singing, reading, rushing to watch and wishing to join. Watch this space, as the next thing I will write will be the winner American Football League title are Buffalo Bills.

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