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The Tennessee Titans are one of the most reputable NFL teams. The team is based in Tennessee in the United States and is a member of the south divison of the AFC. For those that have been watching the NFL from back in the days will know that the team previously went by the name Houston Oilers. This is as early as the 1960s. The team has changed its name several times and in 1999 it was officially named the Titans.

When the Tennessee Titans still wore the name Houston Oilers they won two AFC championships. This was before the AFC and the NFL formed a merger.

The team has not only changed its name but has also being changing the stadium it plays in several times before settling to where they plays now. The team has played in the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, the Vanderbilt stadium and finally its current stadium that goes by the name LP Field and is located in Nashville. Their traininig facility is located only five miles away from the LP Field at the baptist sports park.

The Tennessee Titans boast of producing some great players who made it to the hall of fame. Some examples include Elvin Bethena, George Blanda, Earl Campbell and Ken Houston just to mention a few. It has also had some reputable coaches examples including Ed Biles, Chuck Studely and Jeff Fischer.

Under the name Tenessee Titans they have won several championships. Examples include the conference championships in 1999, the divisional playoffs in 2002 and the wild card play offs in 2003.

The current coach of the Tennnesse Titans goes by the name Mike Munchak and is assisted by Steve Watterson and Dave Mcginnis. The coach joined the team in the year 2011 to try and get the Tennesse Titans to win some trophies. It has been about eleven years since they won any tournament.

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