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The Giants have steadily been one of the pros of football since the earliest years of the pigskin. The G-men have won a total of 7 NFL championships dating back in the early days of 1927. The New York Giants have won Super Bowls 21, 25, and 41.

In the early day, the New York Giants have developed great talent and overall great football players such as Ken Strong, a hall of fame halfback and placekicker. They also played Mel Hein, a two-way player on both offense and defense who didn't miss a game in 15 seasons.

They also boasted many more Hall of Famers such as Y. A. Tittle, Frank Gifford, Roosevelt Brown, Emlen Tunnell, who were all hall of famers during the 1950's and 60's era.

The Giants also had many great coaches starting with the Steve Owen era, running from 1930-52. Owens wound up with a 153-108-17 record. He ranks 9th all time in coaching winning percentage.

The New York Giants were coached by Jim Lee Howell in the late 1950s along with Allie Sherman in the early 1960s who led those teams to the NFL championship in 1956 and 6 out of 8 eastern conference championships.

The modern day Giants are especially known for their leader, Bill Parcells, who coached from 1985 to 1990, leading them to 2 super bowl victories after the 1986, and 90 seasons. Bill is most known for fake punt plays which helped him gain momentum in both super bowl 21 and the nfc championship game in 1990.

The Giants boast one of the NFL's truly great players, Lawrence Taylor, who changed the game from a game planning perspective for NFL offenses until this day. Outside speed rushers are one of the most sought after and most protected personnel in all teams.

Many people say Taylor was a great player on an average team. Phil Simms was also a very efficient quarterback, having had the highest completion percentage among super bowl starters ever in the 21st game of super bowl history.

The Giants have another great one with Eli Manning, who led the Giants to victory after the 2007 season, beating the 18-0 Patriots for the Title. Michael Strahan enjoyed this victory as well, breaking the NFL sack record, following Taylor as one of the greats on the outside position on defense.

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