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Posted by admin on February 21, 2018

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Aaron about his life with the Miami Dolphins in the early 70s:

As a fan of the Miami Dolphins I have seen some great times and some not so great times. The best of times was the early 1970's when I was there to witness the glory years first hand. I turned 18 during the 1972 perfect season so I was lucky enough to be able to fully appreciate and remember that amazing team. That team was lead by coach Don Shula and featured some outstanding talents.

The season started well with 4 wins and then in week 5 star quarterback Bob Griese broke his ankle. I remember thinking that the season would take a turn for the worse but veteran Quarterback Earl Morrall stepped up to the plate and put in some outstanding performances to lead the team to win the rest of its regular season games. Griese returned during the playoffs which Miami also won. We went on to finish the season with a Superbowl win to complete the NFL's only perfect season.

The next season also culminated in a Superbowl appearance which we again won against the Vikings. This appearance made 3 consecutive Superbowl appearances after the 1971 unsuccessful appearance and the two wins which followed. All this was achieved by a franchise which was under 10 years old. They were magical times to be a Miami fan.

The team in those days featured an outstanding offense which grabbed all the media attention but the defense was the best in the league and looking back deserved far more praise than it received.

Morrall stayed with the team until 1977 when he retired. At one point he was the oldest Quarterback ever to lead a team to a winning game. Bob Griese received a serious shoulder injury in the early 1980's and was replaced by David Woodley. In the Early eighties the Dolphins began another series of excellent seasons but nothing will ever compare to those seasons in the early seventies.

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