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Posted by admin on February 24, 2018

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Phil about the Detroit Lions:

The Detroit Lions were a losing NFL team for many years until the 2011 season. That season marked the comeback of this losing NFL franchise that hadn't been to a playoff game since 1999. The Lions playing ability was so bad that in 2008 they were the first and only NFL team to lose all their matches within a 16 game season. As a fan, I will be the first to tell you that the beginning of the 2011 season was a moment of great inspiration for the Detroit Lions. The team won all of their preseason games with a record of 4 - 0. Wen I recognized that they were undefeated I knew that the Lions were going to do great things that year.

When the 2011 regular season began the Lions won their first 4 games and they were now being considered a team of excellence. So many people had disregarded the Lions ability to play football and many people who even lived within the Motor City area even gave up hope for them. Keep in mind that Detroit is an economically depressed city and that a lot of people there wish that the town could return to its former glory days. So, when the Lions won all four preseason games and turned around and won the first four games of the regular season, many people within Detroit were becoming estatic.

It was if hope was coming alive once again and many people were now given a second chance. The months of September and October of 2011 were exciting times in Detroit and it was all because of the Lions. Even with the two losses that they suffered the team still pushed ahead and made great strides that year. The 2011 Lions team marked the turning point for this organization as they once again began to be recognized as NFL champions.

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