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Posted by admin on February 24, 2018

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Xavier about his life with the Denver Broncos:

The date was January 31, 1999; it was one of my greatest and saddest days as a lifetime Denver Broncos fan. It was a great day as the Broncos easily won Super Bowl XXXIIII beating the Atlanta Falcons 34 to 19. On the other hand it was very sad as most of us hardcore Broncos fans believed that this was quarterback John Elway's final game, we were right.

As the following season began in the fall of 1999 the young Brian Griese was granted the starting quarterback job and optimism was high as many of the players from the previous Super Bowl team were still on the roster. However, it was not long into the season before I could see this was not the Denver Broncos team as the year before, they finished that season 6-10.

The 2000 season was better as the Broncos earned a wildcard playoff birth but they lost that game decisively to the Baltimore Ravens. The next two seasons were difficult for the Broncos as they continued to miss the playoffs. Then in 2003 things got a little more interesting as quarterback Jake Plummer was signed as a free agent giving up Broncos fans something to get excited about again. Plummer's first two seasons been good enough for a wildcard playoff birth but both times were blown out by the Indianapolis Colts.

Then came the 2005 season, my Broncos were looking very similar to the John Elway Super Bowl teams. We won the division easily receiving a first round bye and hosted a second round playoff game where we beat the New England Patriots. Then since the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Indianapolis Colts in the second round we got to host the AFC Championship game against the Steelers. I thought for sure we were headed back to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately it was not meant to be as the Steelers manhandled us and easily won that game and the Super Bowl.

Since then the Broncos have seen several different starting quarterbacks and head coaches, none propelling us back to the playoffs. I am still a loyal Broncos fan but I am the first to say that I really miss the glory days of John Elway as the Denver Broncos starting quarterback.

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