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Posted by admin on February 24, 2018

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Nicholas about the expansion team Carolina Panthers:

I was one of the fans who campaigned for the Carolina Panthers to be named the first expansion team for many years in the early nineties. Me and my father both purchased a personal seat license on the first day they were made available, along with 40,000 other Carolina fans. This show of support allowed the stadium to be built and was a major part in the leagues decision to award the expansion to North Carolina.

I am proud to say that I played my part in the birth of my team, when the expansion was announced the community spirit was amazing, there were hundreds of celebratory parties and fireworks everywhere. It was on of the greatest moments of my life and a part of that spirit still exists today which makes the Panthers a special team to support.

The Conference Championship season of 2003 was a major highlight. Even though we lost out narrowly in the Superbowl to the Patriots by 29-32 it was a great season. This is when we earned our nickname, the cardiac cats. These games were either won by narrow margins or in the very last seconds of overtime. The tone was set in the very first game of the season, we were down by 17 points and ended the game with a win in the fourth quarter. The season carried on the same way and was nerve wracking but I had never enjoyed football games like those before. Every game was brilliant and in the end we just fell short of the Superbowl.

Although the franchise is still relatively young compared to other NFL teams we have had a lot of good players in our team. Stephen Davis was outstanding in 2003, he never quite reached the same height due to injury but will be remembered by Panthers fans for that season. Jake Delhomme is the best quarterback in Panthers history and was a major part of those great seasons perhaps the greatest player the Panthers have had was the late Sam Mills, never has a player put in more effort or shown more heart for his team than Mills.

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