Boston Bruins without goalie Tim Thomas next season

Goalie Tim Thomas who plays for the current Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins will not play in the upcoming NHL season.

Thomas said that he wants to invest his time and energy into areas that he has neglected throughout the last seasons. The 38-year-old American wants to admit more time to his family, friends and faith. To make his dream of becoming a pro hockey player a reality, he had to make too many sacrifices.

Therefore, now the most important thing in life is to maintain these areas and relationships again. Thomas left open whether he will return after his time off or not.

Boston’s keeper is already well-known for his extraordinary behavior. For example, in January, he didn’t attend the traditional banquet of the Stanley Cup winner with U.S. President Barack Obama as a protest. He explained that to his mind the government got out of control and so he made use of his right as a free citizen and stayed away.

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