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NFL Game Preview Miami Dolphins vs Houston Texans

Miami Dolphins is proving itself an average name of NFL team. This team has a rookie QB and some new plans on offense. Miami Dolphins does not have much talent at wide receiver. They have a weak OL as well. The team is too weak that it may end up in this season as one of the lowest-ranking teams of National Football League.

If you compare Houston Texans with Miami Dolphins, you will realize that Miami Dolphins are facing crucial time as compared to the Texans. Texans have been considered favorite for winning the AFC South. Dolphins have lost all six matchups against Texans. Texans have a victory of 23-13 over Miami in the previous season.

A new head coach has been appointed for Miami Dolphins in Joe Philbin. Rookie Tannehill has won the initial quarterback task with excellent preseason. He was at advantage when David Garrard got knee injury during his training and the fans of Miami were considering him one of the best quarterback. Tannehill threw for 414 yards and beat out Moore. During the game Tannehill was sacked 4 times.

The Dolphins have adopted some new strategies for defense. Kevin Coyle, the first-time coordinator has applied his specific 4-3 scheme and Cameron Wake, the star defensive end seems ready to go. The Dolphins have lost their five season openers out of six. They have given the last place in AFC East.

The first Sunday of NFL season 2012 is bringing the Houston Texans VS. Miami Dolphins for the fans of both of the teams in Reliant Stadium, Houston. The start time of the game is 1:00 pm and it will be telecast live on CBS. The Houston Texans are favored for the game by 12.5 points. According to a survey, 86% of the people are in the favor of Houston Texans. In this way if you do a free analysis of Miami Dolphins, you can say that it is losing its charm due to the weaker strategies.

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Tennessee Titans Announced Their Five Team Captains

Tennesee Titans‘ head coach on friday said that the team had already named the five captains who would spearhead the team’s games. All the five captains are believe to have great field experience.

The offense will be captained by Jack Locker together with the professional bowl guard player Steve Hutchkinson. Hutchkinson joined the team as a the free agent while Jack Locker will be making his first start at the NFL.

The corner back player Jason McCourty and middle linerback defender Colin McCarthy will be in charge of the defense. Jason McCarthy recently extended his contract in Tennesee which will now be expiring in 2017. Tim Shaw will be serving the special teams as a captain for the second time in a raw.

Coach Munchak Mike takes it as a great honor to be serving as a head coach coach in the team. His belief is that a game is not all about winning, but ”what how much your worth to that team”. Munchack’s second season as the head coach will be beginning this Sunday.

Players Jurrel Casey and Sen’ Derrick Marks have this week been nursing injuries. Marks missed Titans’ team practises and speculations have it that he might not be featuring in Sunday’s games.

Munchack said that the team was satisfied by Mike Martin and Harris; He believes that their preseason game was awesomely played. they think that Harris will play well and give them reps too, and if that’s the case, they will be happy with that, Munchack added during the interview.

Munchack really appreciates the crowd’s noise and is encouraging Titans to take advantage of it, as the noise has been a nightmare to their opponents. He welcomes even more noise as long as it will cause much more hardships on the patriots and so help Tennesee Titans win the game.

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The extraordinary goals of Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton

Cam Newton – quarterback of the Carolina Panthers – is not only known for his top class goals, he is also known for his perfect body language on the field. The rookie season of Cam Newton was fairly impressive and it could have got no better for a quarterback. Newton once told Silver that his goals are too good for any person’s expectation. He also said that it is impossible for a person to increase his expectations more than himself. Work ethic of Newton made him one of a kind. Even his teammates were very skillful, but his appreciable attitude separated him from the rest.

Media has always been after Cam Newton’s capabilities. They had almost slaughtered Newton for the same reason. Other people had seen it as a negative but afterwards it was considered to be positive when everyone realized that he had a urge to win the games. To be very frank, he used to play for his team more than he used to play it for himself. Ryan Kalil, the center player claimed that Newton loves his team more than himself and he is always ready to give his hundred percent for the team. This attitude is very much contagious and inspiring for the whole team.

Ron Rivera considers himself to be very lucky to train a team that has players like Cam Newton. He is totally cool with Newton’s attitude on the field because he knew that it was very important for his team’s improvement. Newton expects wonders in Carolina. This is a big boost for everyone including the officials and his teammates. He has been lately found gossiping about his extraordinary goals. As long as Cam Newton is concerned, the bar is always set in a higher standard. He expects to score more extraordinary goals and wants to keep his team always at the top.

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The Baltimore Ravens and Bryant McKinnie reach a road block

The Baltimore Ravens and their left tackle veteran, Bryant McKinnie, have had some problems lately. As it is often the case, money was the main cause of all trouble in paradise. While attemting to restructure his base salary for this year, the Ravens went a bit too far. Or a bit too low judging by the words of one of their best players, football veteran Bryant McKinnie.

When asked about negotiation progress, McKinnie said there is a distinct possibility of him being released from the squad, which would leave a talented left tackle available for new contracts and Ravens in a need of a new one. He texted some of the biggest sports sites and newspapers saying there is no way the deal can be reached and that he’s pretty sure he will be released by the end of the day. Apparently, it was all written in the heat of the moment, because a few moments later he texted back saying that it’s not over yet.

When it seemed like the negotiations peaked and it might be all over soon, they dragged on throughout the day and the solution is still hanging in the air.

The main problem arose when Ravens decided to cut down McKinnie’s earnings, which are set to $3.2 million this season. It is believed that he’s ready for a “significant” cut, but just not as much as they want. All hope is not yet lost, as the deal is still in progress, and, although it seemed unlikely at first, the agreement might still be reached. The resolution is expected within the next few days.

On the other hand, if the Baltimore Ravens really do let him go, there are other teams, such as the New York Jets, San Diego Chargers, Arizona Cardinals or even the Chicago Bears, that will surely be interested.

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Jaguars Maurice Jones-Drew is scheduled to play third downs against Vikings

NFL’s Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey decided that Jones-Drew will rotate in on third-down. The player will return after a 38-day holdout regarding contract negotiations. In 2011 Jones-Drew was the leading NFL’s rusher. He will play in the season-opener against the Minnesota Vikings.

Jones-Drew wanted to revoke the final two years of his contract, but the team has declined this request. Therefore, he went on a holdout Sunday. When asked about this situation, he said that he has no regrets as to how he handled this situation.

On Sunday, he visited the team’s facility to take conditioning tests, studying the playbook. He also talked with coaches. It is reported, that he spent about 12 hours there.

On Monday he practiced the first time since the finale of last year. Jones-Drew said that the practice felt great. He claims that he carried 10 or 15 times, and did 9-on 7 and 11-on-11 drills. He also hinted that familiarizing with the playbook is important, and that he is doing fine with that. Also, according to the coach, Maurice Jones-Drew looks to be in a good shape, ready to play; however, he reserves his final judgment after some more practice time.

On part of the offseason Jones-Drew spent at South Florida working out with his former teammate Fred Taylor. Jones-Drew started his NFL carrier as Taylor’s backup as short-yardage, goal-line and third-down back – on the position which he will play against the Vikings.

Jones-Drew is confident as ever, but he realizes that the amount of his playing time is up for the coaches’ decision. However, he says that he can carry the ball 80 times in the game. In last season, he made a carrier-high with 343 carries.

Whether he will play, and whether his play will be a major factor in the play in the season-opener Jaguars against Minnesota Vikings, we will see on Sunday.

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