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Leandro Barbosa For Los Angeles Lakers

Several free agents have been in connected to the NBA team Los Angeles Lakers for quite some time now. According to the GM Mitch Kupchak who has explored various options in the free agency, the Los Angeles Lakers are still to planning to sign in one more free agent for the backcourt of the bench. There has been a report that the Lakers has their eyes in one particular player which they would like to hire and this is the veteran guard who is Leandro Barbosa. This is according to Marc Stein who is working in

Barbosa is considered as one of the best free agents who is still available and very open for those who want to sign him in their team. Barbosa has really been performing great for all the NBA years that he had which is why the Lakers is very much interested in him. Barbosa is also one of the fastest guards in the NBA today which is a very important skill for an NBA player. Together with the offensive capabilities of Barbosa, he and Steve Nash has a very memorable history back when he was still in the Phoenix Suns. Both of them were also strong defensive players and are threats for those who are holding the ball.

Also, the Lakers team has experienced the strong teamwork of the Phoenix Suns especially when it comes to both of these players although the Phoenix Suns never had the chance to be the NBA champion. The latest reports say that Barbosa still remains on the top of the list of the guard players that the Lakers would want to have. Moreover, Barbosa is also the considered as the best option that the Lakers have if they want to get the championship trophy again. Now, the decision is still not announced yet.

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Orlando Magic Has New Coach, Jacque Vaughn

Jacque Vaughn has been hired as the new head coach of the Orlando Magic NBA bsketball team. The last head coach was fired two months ago. Most recently Vaughn has been an assistant coach with the San Antonio Spurs. As a player he won a NBA season championship with the Spurs. Vaughn played his college career with the Kansas Jayhawks. His NBA playing career lasted 12 years.

Coach Vaughn is 37 years old and has never been a head coach in the NBA before. He is the tenth head coach of this team. The new general manager of the Orlando Magic is 30 years old and stated that Vaughns spirit and leadership made him stand out in the list of finalist when the coach was being selected. The Magic hope the fact their new head coach ws on a championship team will help the organization move in the direction of a championship themselves with Vaughn as the head coach. They feel Vaughn has strong communication skills and will guide the team in the right direction for success.

Vaughn has played under some famous NBA players in his athletic career. Some head coaches he played udner include Doc Rivers, Byron Scott, and Jerry Sloan. Shaquille O’Neal, a former Magic star, posted a tweet online expressing a less than happpy about the selection of Vaughn as coach. Part of his tweet said are u kidding me, wow, good luck winning wit dat team Dwite Howard.

Fans are waiting to see if the hiring of the new head coach will keep the current Magic center Dwight Howard from leaving the team. Howard has shown interest in leaving Orlando. Howard has wanted a trade to the Brooklyn Nets. Will the new coach change that goal for the center? Time will show us all if the Magic move forward with Howard or without him.

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Juwan Howard unsure about his future

After Miami Heat won the championship Juwan Howard was back in training. He said on Friday that he was still undecided on whether to return for the 19th NBA season of his career or call it quits. But his wanting can be judged by him being the first player of the Miami Heat squad back in the gym which obviously means he still feels he has some energy in him to keep on playing.

Juwan Howard is really passionate about the game although he is still undecided. The main reason he is hitting the gym is for him to be ready for whatever he decides. If he decides to go on with his career then he has to be fully fit for it.

Howard will be turning 40 come February 7th. He has been a Heat player for two seasons now making an appearance of 85 in the regular season and 20 in the playoffs but all as a bit part player. Being currently a free agent after is contract had expired he would take an option of staying with the Heat if at all they had interests of signing him once again.

This was the fist pro title for him. He has 16,138 points in his career, which puts him 16th among all the active NBA players and overall 91st in the league history; in reference to STATS LLC.

Howard is taken to be a prized asset among the Heat players. Dwyane Wade once told his teammates later in the game during the NBA finals game which they were playing against Oklahoma City that they needed to keep a good lead so as to ensure Howard got a few minutes to play. They also consider him as a mentor.

Howard said that this was a special moment for the team and he still smiles day in day out. As he walks around people keep on congratulating him and the team for the just ended season accomplishments but this would be the time that they look back at the just ended season and be proud of all the efforts they put in it. No matter what Juwan Howard decides we hope to see him one more season doing his thing.

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NBA’s Dennis Rodman Met Father after 42 Years

Former NBA star and Hall of Famer, Dennis Rodman, finally decided to meet his father after 42 years. The father and son met this Wednesday in Philippines. The father was surprised when he heard that the son was also present at the same arena and wanted to meet him. Philander Rodman Jr., admits of fathering as many as 29 children by 16 wives.

The father once also tried to contact him in 2006 in Manila, but the son refused saying he was not interested in meeting him. Talking to the media about the new amazing advancement, the father said that he had been trying to contact him for years, and had finally got his son. It was the first time since 1969 when he got a chance to hold hands of his son.

Although the father spent just three minutes with his son, yet he looked quite happy and contented after the meeting. They could not share many words with each other, because the son had been surrounded by his fans who wanted him to sign their shirts and faces. Rodman Jr., has given his personal contact number to his son, and the son has assured him that he would call him.

Earlier, the son was angry on the father, as he said that the father did not return back to his mother after fathering him. The father is of the point of view that he did not want to abandon his family in USA, but just he could not spend much time with them for some reasons.

The father was invited to the game by former players of Pistons and Bulls. Just minutes before the game, Dennis grabbed a microphone and said that he knew his father was present in the arena. Upon hearing that Rodman stood up on his seat showing his baseball cap that read “Yes, Dennis Rodman is my son”.

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Cleveland Cavaliers lose “Rookie of the Year” to broken hand…

Kyrie Irving, the Australian-American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Rookie of the Year in 2012 of the National Basketball Association (NBA) broke his right hand while the Cavaliers’ practice in Las Vegas, on Saturday.

He injured his hand hitting a wall. The spokesperson said they expect him to be out of play for the next two months and ready for training only in late September.

Irving also missed playing 14 games previous season with different injuries – shoulder injuries, concussion and illness. This continues Irving proximity to injuries who played in only 11 games as fresh-man with Duke due to a toe injury. The Australian-American is going back to Cleveland for further examination on Sunday. He said that his health was his reponsibility and that he was disappointed to some extent due to injury.

Just a few days ago, on July 11, the Cavaliers signed Harangody to a contract for next season. This is part of the excerise to improve their record of 2010-11 where they just finished last but one as far as the final standings are concerned and 2011-12 season where they improved a bit owing to curtailed season.

Cleveland play Charlotte on 15 July at Thomas & Mack in the NBA Summer League. Both of these teams are nearly at the bottom of 2011-12 regular season in Eastern conference standings are concerned with Washinton Wizards sitting between the two. Cleveland are at 21 wins to 45 losses while Charlotte are among the worst perfomers with 7 wins to 59 losses languising at the bottom of Southeast division which is headed by Miami and Atlanta.

The summer League is going to have sixty games in 10 Days featuring teams with 13 of the top 14 draft picks.

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