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Michael about the Miami Heat:

The Miami Heat is a Pro Sports Team of the National Basketball Association (NBA) based at Miami, Florida. Heat is owned by Micky Arison, Erik Spoelstra is the Head Coach and Pat Riley manages the team. For the first time in Pro Sports history, a team was so much hated around the league for assembling one of the greatest team of super-stars. It seemed most fans and media liked being 'haters' and had enough fodder to chew all the season about the arrogance of the 'Big Three'.

Wow! What a tumultuous whirlwind wild season it was for the Miami Heat! The Free agency chase, 'The Decision', the 'Welcome Party', the assembly of the 'Big Three', the much hyped expectations, the poor 9-8 start, pre All-Star bumps, the turnaround after All-Star, the less-than stellar regular season finish, the unexpected deep run into playoffs and the even more unexpected defeat by old nemesis Mavericks! Before it even began, the Heat was picked by many to demolish the competition and win a title straight away. Their 'preseason NBA championship party' made the rest of the league to despise them from that moment on. And when it limped away at the end, the 'haters' had all reasons to smile and say I told you so! There was so much about this NBA team in one season that every single happening was dissected over and over by 'haters' around the league.

Heat finished with an overall record of 58-24 (.707) an improvement of just 11 games over the previous season. Heat secured the number two seed in the Eastern Conference behind Bulls and clinched the Southeast Division title. The Heat also sold out all of their home postseason games since 1999. They chugged through the regular season with lots of ups-and-downs. By April the initial hype had died, and the 'haters' started to predict an early playoff exit. Heat went on to win over 76ers, Celtics and the much fancied Bulls to reach the finals again after 2006. Again the wheels turned, and the Heat were considered mighty favorites with their heavily loaded roster against the aging and wounded Mavericks. A surprisingly tame Mark Cuban and his boys proved other wise and brought to finish the first season of the 'Big 3' at 6 games.

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