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Brandon about the Philadelphia 76ers and Allen Iverson:

I remember watching the 2001 NBA finals rooting for the Philadelphia 76ers against the much-loved Los Angeles Lakers. I do not know why, but I felt that, at that time, the Sixers (who were considered as the underdogs) deserved to have a ring for themselves. After all, why shouldn't they? The Sixers have been showing many impressive playoff wins, beating Milwaukee and Toronto as they squeezed their way towards the finals.

And yet, they bowed down to the Lakers in the end, but for a team that had it's worst win-loss standing 5 years before Allen Iverson came in, it is definitely more than just an achievement: it is a Cinderella story. In that same year, Allen Iverson grew very popular, leading the Philadelphia 76ers to numerous victories while scoring 50+ points in playoff games. Controversies also surrounded the Sixers too, as reports of coach Larry Brown and Iverson shouting at each other during practice begun to attract the media. Iverson's arrest for illegal possession of firearms also gave the Sixers another highlight for the media to feast on. It was in the early 2000s that the Philadelphia 76ers became popular with the people, both due to scandals and achievements.

But I guess the main reason for the Sixers' sudden rise to popularity is Allen Iverson, scoring champion and is rated as the 5th greatest shooting guard of all-time by the ESPN in 2008. Allen Iverson took leadership and led the team in scoring and stealing, thus, turning the Philadelphia 76ers into a feared team in the east at that time. He is dubbed as the answer to the Sixers' dark ages of the late 1990s, because he simply brought the Sixers out of the "bad era" that the team has experienced and brought the team back, not only to the playoffs, but in the NBA finals. Seeing how things turned out for the Sixers, I can definitely agree that Allen Iverson's monicker definitely suits him.

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